How much does a Wedding Planner cost?

It costs less than you can imagine without underestimating the engagement and the used ressources. The pricing is estimated upon the number of hours, days and time to work on style with an eye on grooom and bride's budget in harmony with every detail.

What's the dimension of organized marriage?

From15/20 guests on.

What type of Wedding Planner service to you organize?

I start from a brief counseling service of 2 hours for a Wedding ceremony for less than 20 people. From 20 and on I prefer a partial Wedding planning with the guide of the bride and the groom. 
The complete Wedding Planner service is intended for large ceremonies, high end budget and Destination Wedding. 
Further details upon request. 
I also work for Wedding set planning for cinema, tv and ads, 

Why should I prefer Itinera Tour&Mariage ?

With Itinera Tour&Mariage we intend to plan a full package with Travel planning and honeymoon and many event agencies don't do that. I provide a service from A to Z with an accuracy for Travel and other details others don't notice.

As Itinera Tour&Mariage is also Travel Agency Boeing tour Operator, could we organize honeymoon only?

No. We can plan different solutions for your honeymoon with a contemporary position with a site for guests who can give a contribution for your honeymoon.

For what kind of Wedding are you mainly specialized at?

Itinera Tour&Mariage has Destination Wedding in Italy in its DNA, and Wedding Travel Coordinator being also Translator and Interpreter.

I work mainly on Abruzzo and Le Marche and other extra regions in some areas. For themes and choices everything is possible.

How does a Wedding Planner work?

Upon appointment, videocall, by phone and in person. We start from a se riesci of ideas with clients and planned appointments, but it is a very creative job that doesn't know timetables.

How can we do payment?

Usually we are used to have a 30% in advance and 2 other quotes during the work and the final rate two days before the event date. Regular invoice is given to the groom and the bride.

What other minor service Itinera Tour&Mariage offer?

As Tour Operator Incoming that occasionally include company events and Destination Wedding with foreign groom and bride the service of translating and interpreting for legal documents is included for English and French (other languages with other interpreters upon request).